Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fitness struggles... I get it now!

suck it up

I am one of those people who have ALWAYS fit fitness into my life... no matter if it meant having to wake up early to get it done, squeeze in 30 mins here or there, or doing it at night. I used to (& probably still do) get very annouyed with people saying they couldn't do it. I went through college (the first time) working out practically every day, including hungover Saturday mornings. I went through accelerated nursing school and made myself go at the very least 4 days a week! Had my nice little break while searching for work and worked out a lot... now that I am working... OMG! I get why people struggle to workout on a daily basis!!
I have been training daily 7am-3:30pm on the new job, meaning I'm getting up at 5:30am and not getting home until 4:15ish... I'm completely exhausted at the end of my day. Last night I dragged myself to a 1 hr spin class and I was struggling to get through that! My eating habits have been atroshious these past 2 weeks and the pattern (I tell you already!) needs to stop now! Grant it, I know I am struggling to get used to my schedule and just when I do it will change to evenings or overnights... what I want to know is:
How do YOU keep up with your fitness regimen and eating correctly when you have a long work day?
I seem to do fine throughout the day, its when I leave work and before I have dinner that I feel like I could eat my own hand! So insteading of eating my own hand and not getting to the gym because of exhustion what should I do? Help! Anyone?
Ciao for now! ~*Tam*~

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