Sunday, February 24, 2013

Brain Power... Lumosity!

Do you ever get jealous of those people who can just recall anything (a movie, a song, an artist etc.) on the drop of a dime? Well, I do! I have always stunk at those kinds of games and recalls.
My memory has always been (I wouldn't say horrible), but just not up to par (esp. for my age!) I must do O.K. though because I did get through nursing school... and that required A LOT of memory!
Anyways, I started to use something that caught my eye on a commercial many times. It's called Lumosity. In a nutshell its just a website that has you play a variety of mind games that subconsciously helps you develop your "brain power," or "neuroplasticity" is what Lumosity calls it.
I have to say... I've been using it for about a week and I'm really liking it! They assign you to play 5 games every day that cover areas such as speed, memory, attention, flexibility, problem solving and many more. It is little fun games and honestly the training is about 10 mins. If you want to play more games you can pick as many as you'd like to play.
Here are the names of a few of the games and what you have to do:
Eagle Eye: This is a visual field 'attention' game. The background of your screen becomes some sort of landscape and there is a box in the middle that flashes a letter or number. You must be able to recall that number/letter and also place your mouse where the bird appears. As you get better, they add in more birds for you to find and black blank spots to try to trip you up.
Familiar Faces: Don't you hate when you meet someone and they tell you their name and a minute later you have no idea what it is... (happens to me all the time!) Well, this little fun game helps you with face-name recall. The characters in it, come up to your cafe and introduce themselves and order things and more and more people continue to come up in between. You have to remember what they ordered and their name in order to receive a tip. The more tips you get, the more points your earn... the better your memory becomes!
Follow that Frog: Simple as it sounds, you follow the path of the orange frog... it gets complicated when the frog starts jumping 3-4 steps in front you, and you can only jump one at a time... its tricky and really tests your memory!
Have you tried Lumosity yet? If so, let me know your thoughts
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