Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Holy Cow! (I'm a new RN)

Wow... my first three days of working as an RN at a hospital for the first time have been great! I am impressed by the the way things are going, but starting to feel intimidated (as a new nurse usually does).
I have been in a conference room for the most past the last few days, and I feel like I'm back in school! I'm not complaining... I need the review, I feel like I have forgotten everything since my whirlwind experience of nursing school. I am going out onto the floor for the first time tomorrow for a few hours... yikes! I hope the older nurses don't eat me alive!
Today they started us up on the computer program: Meditech... DEAR LORD! Why did I never have to do this much documentation in nursing school... I wasn't prepared for this and to think that I will have to do all of this for 5-6 of my own patients. (sigh) Deep Breathe... I have to remember that every single nurse there was once new and they had to go through the same process. Keeping my fingers crossed that I learn quick and that today was just new girl jitters...
So I've very quickly learned that working is exhausting... I already cannot wait to be off the day shift during this orientation. (3 more weeks to go!) I am 3-11pm or 11-7am kinda girl... I have no idea how people work Monday-Friday and 9-5 and have a long commute each way... God Bless You! I am currently in at 7/8 and there until 3:30-4:30... and I am like mush at the end of the day. The early mornings are killing me!
This is how I'm feeling:
Now I just need to figure out how to start going to the gym after these long exhausting days! Yikes! :)
Keeping positive!
"A positive attitude brings strength, energy and initiative."    ~Remez Sassoni vow to always think i can with all my heart that way i can
How do you keep your spirits up during your long work week?
Ciao for now,

Positive Attitude

Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Beginnings!

Tomorrow is a day that I have been waiting and working hard for, for a VERY long time! I start my new RN job at a hospital! I have been vigoriously working toward this since the beginning of 2010. I went through the year taking all of the pre-reqs that my first Bachelor's degree did not delve into. I became a nursing assistant as well. I applied to about 6-7 universities in the fall and UMass Boston was my lucky pick. I was accepted into a program that accepted +/- 30 students... It was a 15 month accelerated bachelor degree and I never worked so hard in my life... needless to say... thank god its over!! :) Finding a job has not been an easy road, and I think I applied to between 350-400 jobs in three months. I'm so happy to not have to sit behind a computer anymore and search... that was a full time job of its own!

With all of the classes, tests, labs, practicals, and clinicals and not to mention the big bad NCLEX I had to pass, I am so happy to finally be starting my career as a Registered Nurse! Wish me luck and pray for me that I have great patients! ;)

Nursesnursing humor.Nursing humor.

                                                                                       Ciao per ora,

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Welcome & Benefits of Hot Yoga

Howdy and happy Saturday!

Welcome to my blog... This is formally my first blog entry and I'm so glad you're here to read it. I hope you enjoy my journey as I chat about fitness, health, fashion, do it yourself projects, and many more things.

First off, can I just start out by saying... I am so happy that it is almost February! That means we are one month closer to Summer and that is just fabulous in all frames of mind.

Well today I started my day off with an 8:30 AM Hot Yoga class. The teacher that I had was fantastic. She is probably 60+ and back in her day performed with the Boston Ballet as a featured dancer. She is so incredibly in shape, does things that I can't even figure out and she inspires me to become better each class!

There are so many benefits to hot yoga. Some will say no way is hot yoga a cardio workout and it does not give you the intense cardio that you get doing other things... well don't knock it until you try it! The benefits of yoga are truly astonishing and you feel like you lengthened your body by 5 inches when you leave. I feel incredibly strong (and sweaty) and like I can conquer my day in full flight!

Some of the benefits of Hot Power Yoga include:
  • Deep breathing, reflection & relaxation
  • Lowers stress levels & reduces the probability of illness to the body
  • Lowers your heart rate and blood pressure
  • Heat helps you progress into all of your stretches further than if you were just in room temp
  • Increases your flexibility & mobility
  • Aides in weight loss & conscious present thinking (put down that cupcake!)
  • Immune system booster
  • Helps with muscle & joint relief
Now that quite a hefty list of benefits... not to mention you can burn 500-1000 calories in a 1-1.5 hour class... now doesn't that just kick ass!

In my opinion... get out there, try a hot power yoga class... the benefits are amazing and you'll feel like your lengthened your body and cleansed your soul. ;)

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