Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Holy Cow! (I'm a new RN)

Wow... my first three days of working as an RN at a hospital for the first time have been great! I am impressed by the the way things are going, but starting to feel intimidated (as a new nurse usually does).
I have been in a conference room for the most past the last few days, and I feel like I'm back in school! I'm not complaining... I need the review, I feel like I have forgotten everything since my whirlwind experience of nursing school. I am going out onto the floor for the first time tomorrow for a few hours... yikes! I hope the older nurses don't eat me alive!
Today they started us up on the computer program: Meditech... DEAR LORD! Why did I never have to do this much documentation in nursing school... I wasn't prepared for this and to think that I will have to do all of this for 5-6 of my own patients. (sigh) Deep Breathe... I have to remember that every single nurse there was once new and they had to go through the same process. Keeping my fingers crossed that I learn quick and that today was just new girl jitters...
So I've very quickly learned that working is exhausting... I already cannot wait to be off the day shift during this orientation. (3 more weeks to go!) I am 3-11pm or 11-7am kinda girl... I have no idea how people work Monday-Friday and 9-5 and have a long commute each way... God Bless You! I am currently in at 7/8 and there until 3:30-4:30... and I am like mush at the end of the day. The early mornings are killing me!
This is how I'm feeling:
Now I just need to figure out how to start going to the gym after these long exhausting days! Yikes! :)
Keeping positive!
"A positive attitude brings strength, energy and initiative."    ~Remez Sassoni vow to always think i can with all my heart that way i can
How do you keep your spirits up during your long work week?
Ciao for now,

Positive Attitude

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  1. You're gonna do great! I'm crossing my fingers that all of the other nurses will be nice and helpful:)