Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Beginnings!

Tomorrow is a day that I have been waiting and working hard for, for a VERY long time! I start my new RN job at a hospital! I have been vigoriously working toward this since the beginning of 2010. I went through the year taking all of the pre-reqs that my first Bachelor's degree did not delve into. I became a nursing assistant as well. I applied to about 6-7 universities in the fall and UMass Boston was my lucky pick. I was accepted into a program that accepted +/- 30 students... It was a 15 month accelerated bachelor degree and I never worked so hard in my life... needless to say... thank god its over!! :) Finding a job has not been an easy road, and I think I applied to between 350-400 jobs in three months. I'm so happy to not have to sit behind a computer anymore and search... that was a full time job of its own!

With all of the classes, tests, labs, practicals, and clinicals and not to mention the big bad NCLEX I had to pass, I am so happy to finally be starting my career as a Registered Nurse! Wish me luck and pray for me that I have great patients! ;)

Nursesnursing humor.Nursing humor.

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